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Acetic Acid Sunglasses Box Precautions
Sep 21, 2017

Acetic acid sunglasses box precautions
Sour sunglasses box Note and characteristics of those? EVA materials have: resilience and high tensile strength, toughness, with good shock / buffer performance, so the use of life will be more and more extensive. So today up to EVA toolkit to share the use of Acetic acid sunglasses box Note:
First: the use of Acetic acid sunglasses box Note the use of Acetic acid sunglasses box also have precautions to wear Acetic acid sunglasses, of course, to be accompanied by Acetic acid sunglasses box is to match, to teach you to look at some of its attention to the place.
1, before fitting must go to the hospital to check the eye for eye disease, whether the wearing glasses indications.
2, Acetic acid sunglasses is not a simple commodity, with stealth Acetic acid sunglasses in foreign countries is a complex process of medical services, bad fitting caused by complications of the eye is sometimes lost at the expense of the eye. So the best choice for quality glasses and good reputation, oxygen permeability of the higher lens.
3, pay attention to personal hygiene and eye health. Can not rub your eyes at will. Wearing glasses every day should not be too long, preferably not more than 8 to 10 hours.
4, every day in strict accordance with the requirements of the lens cleaning, disinfection and conservation. At the same time pay attention to whether the disinfection of the care solution is valid. Lens case also need regular disinfection, and the expiration of the lens or broken lenses in time to replace.
5, when the eye congestion, tears should be suspended when wearing glasses; suffering from conjunctivitis, keratitis, dacryocystitis, bursitis prohibition of wearing glasses; stay up late or fever when the best cold is not wearing a mirror; , Wild wind when the larger should also be off the lens. As the current primary and secondary students will wear Acetic acid sunglasses, sorbic acid box, of course, the existence of the indiscriminate friends, the demand will be great.
Second: Acetic acid sunglasses box Features:
1, cheap, flexible, easy to carry, is definitely the best choice for students to place Acetic acid sunglasses, stealth Acetic acid sunglasses from fitting to wear and care, maintenance, have a set of strict and cumbersome procedures.
2, primary and secondary students are often self-protection awareness and weak self-care ability, every day tension, it is difficult to do in accordance with the norms of the operating procedures for eye and lens cleaning, care. 3, combined with long-term lack of sleep, daily overload with the eye, the regular delay wearing Acetic acid sunglasses, etc., can lead to decreased local resistance to the cornea, when staying up late, cold or face superficial trauma, easily lead to cornea, Conjunctival infection, severe cases, there will be corneal ulcers, perforation and blindness, etc., in the juvenile occurred in this painful examples have been numerous. Up to EVA products company specializes in the development and production of various types of materials, hot and cold forming, mold research and development. Production of diversified products, widely used speaker bags, handbags, footwear, sports Huju, medical equipment, product packaging and other fields. The main products are: EVA headset package, CD boxes, MP3 boxes, eye boxes, etc.
With the development of the industry, Acetic acid sunglasses box has not only to place the eyes, but also become a kind of fashion bearing, young people like the pursuit of personalized fashion this feature must be Acetic acid sunglasses box manufacturers production requirements will be changed, Acetic acid sunglasses box with the customer's different requirements, there will be different functions of different styles of products. In recent years, Acetic acid sunglasses box to further accelerate the pace of development, Acetic acid sunglasses box manufacturers according to the size of different specifications, different raw materials, prices are different. Acetic acid sunglasses box market will be more intense, business competition will gradually from the scale to the quality, technology and brand change. Consumers demand for Acetic acid sunglasses box is not just easy to use, while the appearance of Acetic acid sunglasses box, the function has a new request. Such as the market some of the cartoon style acetate sunglasses box by the young people's favorite, some generous style, exquisite Acetic acid sunglasses box is favored by the elderly. Acetate sunglasses box factory is a professional production of eye box manufacturers, with 15 years of production experience, according to customer requirements customized various types of Acetic acid sunglasses box.