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Acetic Acid Sunglasses Color Selection Of Acetic Acid Sunglasses Color Selection Raiders
Aug 21, 2017

Acetic acid sunglasses color selection of Acetic acid sunglasses color selection Raiders

Summer Acetic acid sunglasses color how to choose it? Different requirements on the color of Acetic acid sunglasses is not the same. So, babies, want to know the different colors of the lens of Acetic acid sunglasses have what function? Here we take a look at how to choose Acetic acid sunglasses color ~

First of all to be clear, you buy this piece of Acetic acid sunglasses is what the role of the use of the descendants of the reserve to go to determine what color to buy, because the role of different colors of Acetic acid sunglasses is different.

Brown color: brown color Acetic acid sunglasses products recognized the best lens color, it can absorb almost 100% of the ultraviolet and infrared; and soft colors make the visual comfort, so that the eyes are not easy to fatigue.

Gray: fully absorbs infrared, and most of the UV, and will not change the original color of the scene. Gentle natural colors are pretty popular lens options.

Green: and the Department of Acetic acid sunglasses can absorb all the same infrared and 99% of the ultraviolet light, light in the green, red can also be blocked, but sometimes the color of the scene after the green lens will be changed. But because the green to bring people cool and comfortable feeling, the eye protection is also good, so it is a lot of friends of choice.

Yellow line: yellow lenses can absorb 100% UV and most of the blue light, after absorbing the blue light, the scenery will be seen more clearly, so in hunting, shooting, wearing a yellow lens when the filter is more common.

Red: the Department of red Acetic acid sunglasses lenses for some of the shorter wavelength of the light barrier is better, and other protective effect is lower than the other three colors.

Light blue, light pink and other lenses: the same is more decorative than the practicality of the lens.

(Blue lenses: beach sand play can wear blue lenses, blue can effectively filter out the sea and sky reflection of light blue. Driving should avoid the use of blue lenses, because it will make the driver to distinguish the color of traffic signals. Another pure blue lens of Acetic acid sunglasses try not to choose, pure blue lenses will pick out the harmful blue light into the eye, is not conducive to eye health.

For the summer, Acetic acid sunglasses is far more than fashion accessories. A high quality Acetic acid sunglasses can avoid strong light and ultraviolet radiation damage, help protect your eyes. Buy Acetic acid sunglasses, one depends on the UV protection standards; two look at Acetic acid sunglasses style and frame material; three depends on the lens material and color. In accordance with this "three strokes", consumers will be able to buy a qualified Acetic acid sunglasses.

As we all know, strong outdoor ultraviolet radiation may lead to cataracts, too much ultraviolet light can lead to retinal aging and age-related macular degeneration. The Whether a pair of Acetic acid sunglasses meet the European UV protection standards, you can from the Acetic acid sunglasses legs on the side of the CE mark (European certification mark) to judge. European standards require Acetic acid sunglasses can filter out the wavelength of 380 nm within the UV. Experts recommend the use of UV400 above the Acetic acid sunglasses.

By face

Round face: suitable for slightly thick frame, the lens color is cold, darker color of the sunglasses, "tight" face visual effects. Yan Yan yellow, red lens or frame lines slender soft sour sunglasses, will face set off even greater.

Small face: suitable for wearing a thin frame or frameless Acetic acid sunglasses choose elegant blue, purple, light brown and other lens colors, there will be unexpected results.

Long face: should choose a flat round or curved mirror, slightly thick mirror feet to reduce the long face of the slender sense. Slender face is generally more bones, choose feminine some pink or wine red lens, can increase the brightness of the face.

Square face: should choose a narrow width, the framework of four corners smooth sunglasses, too large and the square of the frame will only make the face more square, the lens color to the stable brown is better.

Apricot face: suitable for the use of lighter lens color, fine metal frame or frameless Acetic acid sunglasses, to reduce the weight of the top of the face, so as not to have the width of the upper half of the face more sense of expansion.

Inverted triangle: should use the frame thicker, darker, slightly wider width of the Acetic acid sunglasses to adjust the proportion of the upper and lower, the visual sense of coordination.