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Acetic Acid Sunglasses Though It Is Very Good To Wear Right
Oct 12, 2017

A stylish Acetic acid sunglasses not only can improve the charm of men themselves, but also can reduce the damage to the eyes of the light, so that many men go out like to wear Acetic acid sunglasses. But for men, especially for driving the man, the right to wear Acetic acid sunglasses is critical.
How do you wear Acetic acid sunglasses when driving? What kind of need to wear Acetic acid sunglasses?
If you are driving in the direction of the sun, the sun pierced the eyes can not open, then the Acetic acid sunglasses on the gorgeous debut! At this time to wear Acetic acid sunglasses, not only to protect the eyes from UV rays, but also help the driver more Good observation of the front situation, help to drive safely.
But when the surrounding light dark or cloudy, it should be promptly removed Acetic acid sunglasses, to ensure traffic safety. How does the driver pick Acetic acid sunglasses?
Avoid the lens color too deep
The darker sunglasses will delay the passage of sunlight through the eyes to the brain. When the car, motorcycle to 80 km hours of speed, too deep Acetic acid sunglasses will extend the driver's response to 100 milliseconds, thereby increasing the braking distance of 2.2 meters.
When buying Acetic acid sunglasses, the lens color can not be too deep, nor too shallow, should be better. In addition, the gray and brown lenses on the UV resistance more powerful, can effectively relieve fatigue, protect the eyes.
Select the summer to wear Acetic acid sunglasses, can filter glare polarized Acetic acid sunglasses is the first choice. It can effectively exclude and filter out the scattered light in the beam, so that the field of vision clear and natural; also weaken the light, anti-fatigue, anti-ultraviolet and so on.
But some polarizers, especially cheap, poor quality of the kind, through the car windshield to see things will be deformed. So it is best to a professional optical shop to buy polarized function of the Acetic acid sunglasses.
Try not to choose the frame is too large, the quality of excessive Acetic acid sunglasses, this kind of Acetic acid sunglasses will make the driver face swelling, paralysis, distraction.
But if you are a novice and still a myopic, it is necessary to use Acetic acid sunglasses! Acetic acid sunglasses will make the light darker, thus affecting the novice of other vehicles and pedestrians distance judgments. In this case, the shade board is a good choice.
If you have a slight myopia, usually do not need to wear glasses to drive the driver, it should also choose the degree of myopia Acetic acid sunglasses. Because ordinary Acetic acid sunglasses may cause your eye fatigue, vision loss, threatening traffic safety!
Driving from the bright outdoor into the tunnel will have a "black hole effect", the driver will have a few seconds of "visual slow period", two eyes can not see a black thing. If you wear Acetic acid sunglasses, the reaction time will be longer. Therefore, the driver in the light and shade into the obvious place before the removal of Acetic acid sunglasses, while turning the lights, slow down, so that can reduce the impact of light changes.
Similarly, when driving out of the tunnel, the mouth of the strong sunlight will also cause "white hole effect." The way to deal with is to ensure safety before the premise of wearing Acetic acid sunglasses, or more blink a few eyes, so that the eyes to adapt to the outdoor light.
In this modern era, Acetic acid sunglasses has almost become a standard for driving the family, so that for everyone's personal safety, whether men or women, wearing Acetic acid sunglasses drive must pay attention to these key.