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Acetic Acid Sunglasses To Buy Eight Attention
Jun 23, 2017

Acetic acid sunglasses to buy eight attention
        Spring and summer temperatures gradually increased, sunglasses manufacturers said that cumbersome jewelry and accessories will make men feel cumbersome, then, both a beautiful and can protect the eyesight of sunglasses will undoubtedly become the best choice for fashion men. Although sunglasses have decorative features, but the protection function is the most important. Daminghua glasses factory specializing in acetic acid sunglasses wholesale. Because if you can not properly block the UV, long down will cause harm to the eyes, so buy sour sunglasses to pay special attention to the following points:
        First, first observe whether the lens has scratches, impurities, bubbles, stripes, check the sunglasses outside the packaging, formal sunglasses should be marked with the name, color, diameter, quality level, manufacturer name and trademark, mirror or tag Anti-uva, uvb and ce logo sunglasses to ensure that some of the UV blocking.
        Second, buy acetic acid sunglasses to wear when trying to have no vertigo, headache feeling. Now there are some marked degree of myopia on the market for sale, but because the interpupillary distance and other indicators vary, so if there is no professional guidance, consumers are best not to choose this degree of sunglasses.
        Acetic acid sunglasses Third, with the hands of acetic acid sunglasses on the two corners of the fluorescent lamp, so that the mirror of the reflective strip gently rolling, if the mirror reflects the reflection of the fluorescent lights appear wavy, twisted, that the lens is not smooth, this mirror will damage vision, Sunglasses manufacturer.
 First, the anti-reflective protective lens: This lens is coated with a thin layer of magnesium fluoride on the surface to prevent light reflection, so you see things more clear and not subject to strong light interference. To detect whether your glasses really use anti-reflective protective lenses, glasses can be aligned with the light source, if you see the purple green reflective, it means that the lens is indeed coated with anti-reflective protective film.
  Second, the color lens: also known as "stained lenses", that is, in the lens production process, with some chemical substances, so that the lens color, to absorb a specific wavelength of light. This is the most commonly used type of sunglasses for sunglasses.
  Third, Acetic acid sunglasses the color lens: This lens shows the same effect and color lenses, only made in different ways, it is the color coated on the lens surface, the most well known is the "gradient of the painted lens", the color is Above the deepest, and then down shallow. Generally have degrees of acetic acid sunglasses are mostly painted color way to deal with the lens.
  Four, Acetic acid sunglasses polarized lenses: acetic acid sunglasses manufacturer that is only allowed in the natural light in a specific direction of the light through the lens. Because of its filtering effect, wear it to see things will darken. In order to filter the sun in the water, land or snow on the equal direction of the glare of light, in the lens to add vertical to the special paint, known as polarized lenses. Ideal for outdoor sports (eg tour, drive, sea, ski or fishing). The effect of polarizing lenses is to effectively exclude and filter out scattered light in the beam. So that the light can be on the track of the optical axis into the eye visual images, so that vision clear and natural. Like the principle of blinds curtains, the light is adjusted into the same light into the room, naturally make the scenery looks soft and not dazzling. Polarized lenses are mostly used in the application of acetic acid sunglasses, car owners and fishing enthusiasts must be equipped with equipment, it can help drive people filter out the head of the high beam, so that fishing enthusiasts see the fish on the water drift.