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Effect Of Wearing Polarized Glasses
Jan 23, 2017

Polarization mechanism provides another kind of eye protection glasses. Asphalt roads of the polarization of the reflected light is a special. This reflected light and comes directly from the Sun's light or any artificial source of light of different in order. Polarized light is formed by shock waves in one direction, and the light is formed by the direction of shock wave, it's like a bunch of disorderly walked and walked as the soldiers March in March, contrasts. Generally speaking, reflect the light of light is an orderly. Polarized lenses to block this kind of light is especially effective because its filter function. The lenses polarized by vibrating only in a certain direction, like light "grooming". Reflective road problems, the use of polarized glasses can reduce the transmission of light, because it does not shock waves through parallel with the road.