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How To Choose A Acetic Acid Sunglasses For Your Face
Aug 10, 2017

How to choose a Acetic acid sunglasses for your face
Acetic acid sunglasses is one of the few men and women's fashion accessories must have a single product. Summer is coming soon, Acetic acid sunglasses is no longer with accessories only, but also can block the damage caused by ultraviolet rays on the eyes. So that choose a suitable for their own face, you can also make your face looks very small is very important and stress ~
1, oval face type
First of all, we would like to congratulate the oval face of the people, because your face is "universal" face, any style of Acetic acid sunglasses can easily control, a little attention to the size of the ratio can be friends.
2, round face type
Round face with Acetic acid sunglasses must be considered when tightening the face of the visual effects of the style, suitable for slightly thicker frame, the lens color is cold, darker color sunglasses. And the brilliant light and the frame slim style will only make your face look bigger, straight or angular frame can weaken your face contours, deep lenses to reduce the sense of obesity, so that the face looks more compact The Classic pilots style to avoid.
3, square face type
Should choose the upper and lower narrow, the frame is a small round corner of the Acetic acid sunglasses, too large and too side of the frame will only make the face more square, the lens color to the stable brown is better. Contrary to a round face, you need some rounded, streamlined frames to set off your unruly temperament.
4, long face face
Should choose a wide circular or curved mirror, slightly thick mirror legs to reduce the long face of the slender sense. Slender face is generally more bones, the most suitable choice is the big frame of Acetic acid sunglasses, so you can make up the small face short face, so that the face looks more delicate, the color is also the best dark.
5, heart-shaped (inverted triangle) face
Please try to avoid the use of large frame, square frame, because it will appear on the face wide and narrow, the use of fine frame, round frame, bright colors for the best. Suitable for the use of bright colors of lenses, fine metal frame or frameless glasses to reduce the weight of the top of the face, so as not to have a wide face on the expansion of a more sense.
A Acetic acid sunglasses can not only improve the charm of men themselves, but also can reduce the damage to the eyes of the light, so that many men go out like to wear Acetic acid sunglasses. But for men, especially for driving the man, the right to wear Acetic acid sunglasses is critical.
If you are driving in the direction of the sun, the sun pierced the eyes can not open, then the sour sunglasses on the gorgeous debut! At this time to wear Acetic acid sunglasses, not only to protect the eyes from UV rays, but also help the driver better Observe the front situation and help drive safely.
But when the surrounding light dark or cloudy, it should be promptly removed Acetic acid sunglasses, to ensure traffic safety.
The darker sour sunglasses will delay the passage of sunlight through the eyes to the brain. When the car, motorcycles to 80 km hours of speed, too deep Acetic acid sunglasses will extend the driver's response to 100 milliseconds, thereby increasing the braking distance of 2.2 meters.
Buy Acetic acid sunglasses, the lens color can not be too deep, nor too shallow, should be better. In addition, the gray and brown lenses on the UV resistance is stronger, can effectively relieve fatigue, protect the eyes.