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How To Choose And Wear Metal Sunglasses
Jul 19, 2017

How to choose and wear Metal Sunglasses

Metal Sunglasses are also called sunshades. In summer and highland areas, people often wear sunglasses to avoid the glare of the light and block the damage to the eyes. With the improvement of living standards, people are more and more loving their eyes. In the sun, uv rays are the most harmful to the eye. The amount of uv light that reaches the earth's surface is about 7 percent. The cornea and the lens of the human eye are the most susceptible to uv damage. Cataract is one of the most close relations with uv eye disease, sunlight keratitis, corneal endothelial injury, eye macular change color, eye diseases such as retinitis, and so on are related to uv light. So qualified Metal Sunglasses have the ability to block ultraviolet and infrared light. So it can be said that wearing Metal Sunglasses in summer is one of the effective ways to protect your eyes from uv damage.

Metal Sunglasses are generally divided into light and dark colors, which are composed of a variety of colors. The quality and quality of the Metal Sunglasses should be judged, and the focus should be on the technical indexes of top focus and prismatic degree, transmission ratio, surface quality and intrinsic defects, assembly accuracy and plastic surgery requirements.

A pair of high-quality Metal Sunglasses can act as a shade and decorative appearance. But in the market, the reality is not rosy. Some vendors are cynical, drilling consumers to know less about sunglasses, using low-quality, cheap Windows or other low-quality materials to make glasses. These materials have a poor uniformity, including streaks, bubbles and other impurities, which do not block ultraviolet rays, which do not meet the physiological requirements of the human eye. What's more, the adoption of visible light through the extremely low, but the ultraviolet transmittance of the high quality plastic products made of the Metal Sunglasses, to consumers.

How to choose and wear Metal Sunglasses? The French arc DE triomphe international famous glasses brand reminds the broad consumer, must not pay attention to the style of the sunglasses only, should pay attention to its inherent quality. The transmission rate of the wavelengths between 315nm and 380nm will not exceed 10%. The transmittance of the wavelengths at 280nm to 315nm should be zero. Wear this Metal Sunglasses to keep the eye's cornea, crystal and retina from uv damage. Some cheap Metal Sunglasses not only can not filter out uv rays, it will hide because the visible light, after the ultraviolet irradiation is more significant, this kind of inferior metal than don't wear sunglasses.

Metal Sunglasses belong to the flat lens series. According to the national standard, Metal Sunglasses can only be allowed to have a positive or negative 8 degrees of dioptometry, which is beyond the margin of error. According to the researchers on the market for sunglasses, nearly 30 percent of sunglasses are more than permissible, some even as high as 20 degrees. Experts pointed out that the normal sight of consumers put on the sunglasses, like wearing a pair of myopia or hyperopia mirror, after a summer, consumers will be inferior sunglasses "cultivating" into patients with nearsightedness or farsightedness, so choose a pair of qualified Metal Sunglasses are particularly important. International famous glasses brand warm tips: when you wear sunglasses, when you have dizziness, nausea, and eyes, and other symptoms, you should stop wearing them immediately and avoid causing harm to your glasses.