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How To Choose The Sunglasses
Sep 12, 2017

How to choose the Sunglasses
It is impossible to correct the processing of glass lens processing, so as to prevent the loss of prevention, we should think carefully about the correct selection when fixing the lens. Choose Sunglasses lens is mainly based on its operation, the days of need and the use of glasses environment, choose glasses should have the function of, in choosing the correct vision glasses, using interval, and glasses degree, should also think about different characteristics of different functions of the Sunglasses lenses.
The color of the Sunglasses lens
High visual demand for vision, color, and spacing, and stable homework, such as students, car drivers, surgeons, artists, etc., should be selected for the lenses that are colourless and transparent. If a car driver wears a heavy pair of Sunglasses, the interval change is not sensitive, the interval is not accurate, easy to get into trouble.
The transmittance of the Sunglasses lens
Optical Sunglasses with multilayer anti-reflective coatings, colorless optical Sunglasses and non-spherical ultra-thin optical lenses have better transmittance.
The thickness of the Sunglasses lenses
With Sunglasses lens dioptre intrusive, refractive index, frames intrusive shape, pd intrusive and move the light heart, optic axis, Sunglasses lens properties (high and low), etc., shall be after the medical optometry on prescription.
The components of Sunglasses
Related to the data of Sunglasses lens, glass lenses are heavier than resin. The same lens data is heavier than the serious weight, and the bulk is smaller than the volume (related to the number of glasses and the size of the shape).
The hardness of the Sunglasses
Glass Sunglasses lens is higher hardness than resin glass lenses, compared with abrasion resistance.
The intensity of the Sunglasses
Resin - glass lenses are more intense than glass lenses, and the impact resistance is not broken.
The special function of Sunglasses lenses
For example, anti-ultraviolet ray, anti-electromagnetic radiation, anti-infrared, high temperature, oil resistant, acid and alkali resistant, anti-dispersion, anti-deformation (ultrathin aspheric lens), anti-glare and other functions. For example, Sunglasses for electric and gas welding, Sunglasses for computers, Sunglasses for underwater, and Sunglasses for fishing are not the same.
If the pair of glasses choose Sunglasses, if it is less than 300 degrees, it will be able to choose the lens with a refractive index of around 1.5. Because of its own degree not deep if the frame is suitable, the Sunglasses lens is not thick, the weight is also comparatively light; Depending on the strength of 300 to 500, we can choose the lens with the refractive index of 1.56-1.59. Apparent power above 500 degrees of glasses is the best choice of Sunglasses lens refractive index above 1.60, for example, in the case of deep degree, the higher the refractive index of the Sunglasses lenses, Sunglasses lens thickness will become thinner, component will be relatively less. Generally speaking, the uv protection of purple film layer is better. The blue film anti-radiation and anti-fatigue effect is better; The green film anti-anti light effect is better; The yellow film night vision is good, the current market is more green film and blue film, the choice can be according to the love!
Before order process has been completed, the Sunglasses lenses are placed in import vacuum coating machine, complete sealing can be reached the machine high vacuum condition, first choose is ion vacuum coating skill, ahead of the ion source of artillery (with argon ion) Sunglasses lenses to clean and no rough surface appearance, so make up sputtering film can energetic glue with Sunglasses lens, and then reach the strong role, fully automatic yield can severely the consistency of the manipulation of the coating color coating after the Sunglasses lenses in addition to beautiful, can have a variety of colors, the most primary function is to reduce the anti-reflection, eliminate no coating Sunglasses lens appearance happens reflective surface, add into the human eye light, make the wearer look matter more clear bright, seven to nine layers coating material makes the ending Sunglasses lens can have from 96% to 99% of the high strength, high transmission rate, anti electromagnetic radiation, such as waterproof anti-fog multiple function.