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How To Match Sunglasses
Jun 23, 2017

How to match Sunglasses
Ink lens manufacturers say that generally is not a professional person, the selection and acceptance of Sunglasses a little confused, how to choose Sunglasses and Sunglasses lens lens, acceptance of Sunglasses is qualified, from the following aspects to understand and identify
First, the material of the ink frame:
The material of the Sunglasses is made of ordinary metal alloy frame, high nickel alloy metal frame, light titanium or titanium alloy metal frame, injection molding ordinary plastic frame, sheet plastic frame, carbon frame and metal plastic mixed frame. These different materials of the Sunglasses frame has a different characteristics:
Ordinary metal frame new, cheap;
High nickel alloy metal frame with high elasticity, but some people's skin prone to allergies;
Titanium and carbon material frame is light but expensive; injection molding rack cheap and fresh color; plate frame is not easy to deformation but more expensive.
Second, the ink frame style:
There are three types of frames, such as pear-shaped, drop-shaped, oval, egg-shaped, rectangular short square, polygon, etc., choose the Sunglasses frame Style can be used with their own face after the visual effects produced by the comfort of the principle, when the multi-focus with the multi-focus Sunglasses, should not use the drop-shaped or square-shaped Sunglasses frame.
Third, the quality of ink frames:
For the quality of the Sunglasses frame, the Sunglasses frame manufacturer said that the average consumer can observe the coating finish, the solder parts of the finish, the Sunglasses frame symmetry, the nose is straight, straight and other appearance quality. In general, the quality of better toner frame prices are relatively high, if the brand is also the brand of clothing brand, the price is often higher.
Fourth, the quality of the lens:
The ink lens is used directly to correct the human eye vision optical tools, Sunglasses manufacturer. What type of consumers choose which type of ink lens will directly affect the effect with the Sunglasses.
High myopia and hyperopia patients should buy high refraction green n = 1.70,1.80 or even 1.90 of the lens to reduce the thickness of the ink lens, and should not buy discoloration of the lens;
Children should choose to buy optical resin ink lens to ensure the safety of wearing;
General myopia patients (most of our country with Sunglasses) should be equipped with slightly red optical red film or slightly blue and purple optical can be Secretary to ensure that most of the UV against the human eye damage;
Water crews use polarized scenes.
In order to increase the light transmittance, improve the visual clarity, optional film plus ink lens.
Double light and gradient multi-focus ink lens is the middle-aged and old consumers to buy the ink lens, which is characterized by a pair of Sunglasses can see the staff can see near. However, the dual-ray lens as the image of the current jump to the wearer to bring discomfort and inconvenience;
The gradient multi-focus ink lens is through the gradual change in the principle of continuous focus on the lens to achieve both far and far to see the purpose, so the wearer feel very comfortable.
In the purchase of optical resin ink lens, should distinguish between different materials made of resin ink lens, the material is thermoplastic, cheap but brittle, low-grade sun Sunglasses and aging Sunglasses with the film.
CR-39 is the most commonly used optical resin ink lens, the refractive index of 1.499, lower than ordinary glass, so the same degree and diameter of the ink lens compared to its thickness than ordinary glass is thicker.