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How To Pick Metal Sunglasses More Without Damage To The Eyes
Aug 10, 2017

How to pick Metal Sunglasses more without damage to the eyes
The heart of the heart of all people, myopia, of course, can wear Metal Sunglasses! So how to choose myopic glasses and Metal Sunglasses? Polarized Metal Sunglasses or myopic Metal Sunglasses? Is in myopic glasses plus a layer of Metal Sunglasses, or with a pair of myopic degree of Metal Sunglasses?
Myopic selection of Metal Sunglasses need to consider the diopter of glasses. Choose to wear a layer of metal glasses in myopia with a layer of Metal Sunglasses is simple, but the lens is heavier, double lenses appear cumbersome, strenuous exercise is easy to shift or fall off. With a pair of myopic degree of Metal Sunglasses, the advantage is relatively light, beautiful, easy to fix.
On the depth of color
Color too shallow Metal Sunglasses filter effect is small; color too deep affect vision. Ms. Ye think that brown, gray, dark green is more moderate. They filter the role of better, and after wearing the mirror to see the scene will only darken and no obvious color.
Appearance check
In addition to the lens can not have scratches, impurities, bubbles, stripes, the beauty of the lady must pay attention to the mirror or tag on the anti-UVA, UVB and CE mark to play the role of anti-ultraviolet.
Comfortable to wear
Buy Metal Sunglasses, do not blindly follow the trend, but also according to their own face to choose the size of glasses, curvature and so on. In addition, try to wear when there is no sense of vertigo, dialysis is not high, it is best to have polarized function.
Myopic Metal Sunglasses, as the name suggests, myopia glasses and Metal Sunglasses two functions, how these two functions together to create a different kind of myopic Metal Sunglasses, the current market there are four popular, the following description.
Different people, according to different preferences and different uses to choose Metal Sunglasses, but the most fundamental is to protect the wearer's safety and vision from the basic principles of injury. Reduce the light stimulation, depending on the material is not clear deformation, anti-ultraviolet, color recognition is not distortion, accurate identification of traffic signals, Metal Sunglasses should be the basic function.
If the above function is flawed, ranging from the role of Metal Sunglasses, the weight will produce dizziness, eye soreness and other consciously do not meet the symptoms, and sometimes produce unresponsive, defensive illusion and walking illities and symptoms Traffic accidents and so on. So the choice of Metal Sunglasses can not only focus on style and ignore its inherent quality.
For myopia consumers, the summer should wear both glasses and wearing Metal Sunglasses, which is a headache, how can both the polarized Metal Sunglasses or myopic Metal Sunglasses? How do I choose Metal Sunglasses brand? The industry has given five solutions.
Ophthalmology experts recommend wearing contact lenses, and then free to choose Metal Sunglasses, and good vision of the same people. But pay attention to the summer wear Metal Sunglasses should choose not easy to dry, or abandoned type is better.
In the original myopic glasses to the deputy Metal Sunglasses clip. But the clip of the style of choice is very small, and with the wearer of the original glasses may not be very match, the general selection of men and women choose contact lenses.
With a pair of mirrors, that is, there is a pair of glasses and glasses with a completely consistent with the lens of the Metal Sunglasses sets, through the stuck or magnet adsorption on the frame, to the room to take out the mirror, is still a common nearsighted glasses. But such a pair of glasses have two glasses of weight, will give the wearer caused a little discomfort.
Ophthalmologists recommend the use of color lenses. But the color range of the lens is limited, the height of the lens when the thicker heavy, discoloration effect is also poor.
The best choice is in accordance with the actual photographers, the use of resin lenses dyed the color of the wearer, made of myopic Metal Sunglasses, outdoor activities, the use of Metal Sunglasses, to the indoor into the original glasses, the only inconvenience Is in exchange for. The lens of myopic Metal Sunglasses must be a resin sheet, but the resin sheet to use the refractive index depends on the wearer's luminosity. Myungmar Metal Sunglasses frame can be equipped with light frame, it can be Metal Sunglasses. But the choice of Metal Sunglasses to consider when the Metal Sunglasses frame is suitable for facelift.