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Learn About Optical Frames Aesthetics
Jun 15, 2017

Learn about Optical Frames aesthetics

Modern Optical Frames are part of fashion and are no longer just medical devices. Glasses who wear glasses, do not want to expose their own problems, but hope that the optical frame can play the role of decoration, cover up the shortcomings, highlight the advantages.

(A) shape

According to the main skeleton of the face of the structure determined by the geometry, the face can be divided into six categories: square, rectangular, round, inverted heart and oval. The above classification is not absolute, the specific face shape may be different with each of the above, but for the analysis of face shape, choose the right optical frame is helpful, highlight the advantages of concealing shortcomings, giving a sense of symmetry and balance. For example, the square face of the face to wear a circular optical frame can eliminate the edges and corners is too obvious feeling, the same square optical frame will add a round face angle.

In other places, there is a similar phenomenon. Such as plump people wearing vertical clothes will appear slim, wearing a strip of clothes will be more fat. Face more round hair is often more straight, increase the sense of silhouette, rarely hot hair.

Optical frame selection plus a basic principle is the width of the optical frame and the temporal width of the basic line, the optical frame is too wide will become too cumbersome, and will increase the lens aberration.

The following analysis of each face in turn:

1) square

Square face is relatively short, the mandibular line is more prominent, and angular. We need to pay attention to the two features of the square face: square, short. The use of circular Optical Frames, especially the bottom of the circular Optical Frames can reduce the edges and corners too obvious feeling.

Pull "long" face there are two ways:

This method is the most important: the choice of a smaller optical frame, optical frame height is too large, then will account for most of the face, and make people feel this face shorter;

If possible, select the higher optical frame position of the optical frame, the face will make the face becomes longer

2) rectangular

And the square of the face, this face-shaped man's mandibular angle is also obvious, the difference is relatively long face. We still need to use circular Optical Frames to ease the edges and corners, but also need to shorten the face shape.

In contrast to the square face shape: select an optical frame with a larger height and a mirror foot in the middle so that the optical frame can occupy the appropriate part of the face

3) Heart-shaped

Heart-shaped face is also called the inverted triangle face, which is characterized by a wide forehead, cheekbones prominent, narrow and narrow jaw. This face-shaped appearance is not balanced up and down, the upper part of the larger than the lower prominent, you need to wear the opposite appearance of the optical frame, that is, the bottom of a wide increase in the width of the lower half of the face. Lower lens position also helps to improve this effect.

4) down face

Down the heart is also feeling unbalanced, the forehead is narrow, the more down the wider, so the lower jaw width and more prominent. This face is relatively rare, the choice of Optical Frames and heart-shaped face of the contrary, the need for high-foot position, the bottom of the narrow optical frame

5) round

Circular face and square face shape exactly the opposite, so the principle of optical frame selection and the square face is basically the opposite; need to be more obvious angle of the optical frame to improve the sense of face contours, but also need to use the square face "elongation" principle, That is, the use of a lower height, higher position of the optical frame lens.