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Look Face Choose Metal Sunglasses Make You Handsome Foul
Nov 03, 2017

Look face choose Metal Sunglasses make you handsome foul
Summer is coming, everyone will choose to wear Metal Sunglasses to protect the eyes, and the choice of Metal Sunglasses and face is crucial, well-chosen, of course, wear good-looking, if not selected then it can be tragedy.
1, rectangular face: volume blessing
This face gives the first impression is a personality, so attractive to the outside world is very strong, but the long face fit to stay bangs, used to cover the fact that the face is too long. Dress at the same time should not wear V collar or open too low collar. Take the best case of volume blessing However, the typical rectangular face, a curly hair too long to see a lot of natural face. With the natural sunglasses as much as possible to cover the face area more. However, due to the general thinner rectangular face, so whether it is square or round Metal Sunglasses are very suitable.
2, goose egg-shaped face: Lee Min Ho
Usually called the melon face or egg face, because there is no defect, do not need to be concealed, so any collar is suitable, both boys and girls are the perfect dream face. See Lee Min Ho Oba could not help but be found that this perfect face, no matter what style of Metal Sunglasses can be!
3, inverted triangle face: Wu Zun milk father
Generally gives a feeling of nervousness. Wide forehead, pointed chin, slightly wider spacing between the two, a little strange, but the very taste of the face. Such face is not suitable to wear V-shaped collar, will give a sense of distance, it is best to wear "a" font collar looks very elegant, unique flavor. Wu Zunniu belongs to the typical inverted triangle face, because the lower part of the face is narrower, suitable for wearing larger Metal Sunglasses, such as frog mirror, this will make the face softer a lot.
4, round face: Xu Zheng
Round people around each person, not to say he / she fat, but because of this face gives a lovely feeling, like children. To V-shaped neckline easing most appropriate. Wear a round neckline, the collar should be greater than the face, the face will look smaller. The reason why Xu Zheng as a case, because he in addition to face round, the first round. Like this face is suitable for wearing a little more Metal Sunglasses, add some edges and corners to the face. But remember, do not wear large lens Metal Sunglasses that cover almost all of your face, which will make your face look more bloated.
5, square face: Wu Ke group
For men, can be regarded as masculinity, but on girls who ... This face is large, giving a very strong sense of perspective, if you choose a circular collar, but stressed the feeling of spacious, square and Not significant big face, very rich personality, personality should emphasize the United States. Quartet's face, wearing a loose asymmetric collar shirt, you can make the face look more clearly. Try to avoid wearing thin high-necked, to avoid the "Quartet" down the continuation of the feeling. Try to choose the Metal Sunglasses sleek corner style.
6, diamond face: Yi Jianlian
This face gives a very man feeling, the outline of the cheeks gives an inexplicable sense of security. Yi Jianlian is a typical diamond-shaped face, in the choice of glasses try to choose a wider style, so that the prominent cheekbones cover, and adjust the ratio of the entire face. Such face suitable for wearing round neck or a collar, should not wear neckline design more complex clothing.
After listening to Xiaobian explain, we know how to choose a Metal Sunglasses based on the face with it. Oh, do not be foolish to pick a Metal Sunglasses on the face to wear, or else to joke.

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