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Metal Sunglasses And The Difference Between Non-polarized Do Not Do Big Head Shrimp Friends
Aug 21, 2017

Metal Sunglasses and the difference between non-polarized do not do big head shrimp friends

Summer, the baby may want to start a metal Metal Sunglasses. Then the metal Metal Sunglasses polarized and non-polarized points, you are not being purchased when the shopping guide introduced hibiscus? Want to know the difference between Metal Sunglasses and non-polarized? Here we look at it.

First, the difference between metallic sunglasses and non-polarized light

The difference between Metal Sunglasses and non-polarized light is that the Metal Sunglasses deal with the reflected light. In our living environment, there are three kinds of light, direct light, reflected light and diffuse light, in which diffuse light we usually can not perceive, but it is our eyes can see the object of the most important kind of light; Direct light because it has a fixed light source (such as the sun), as long as a little attention, it will not harm our lives. These are often reflected in life often reflect the light suddenly, will bring a lot of inconvenience to our lives. Such as driving the driver, the front of the rearview mirror is an uncertain reflection of the light source, the roadside water or passers-by to bring the smooth plane objects can be reflected light source, these reflections are likely to cause drivers to drive even troubled even Is dangerous.

Polarized Metal Sunglasses is reflected on the glare, will be filtered out, so you can play the role of anti-vertigo, and travel in the summer will make the vision more clear, reduce visual fatigue. And non-polarized metal Metal Sunglasses on the contrary, so the price of polarized light is much more expensive than non-polarized light.

Second, the main purpose of polarizer

The main purpose of the polarizer is under certain conditions, play a role in protecting the eyes from damage. But for the general requirements are not very high people, the use of ordinary Metal Sunglasses can be, because the polarized Metal Sunglasses are relatively high point in the Metal Sunglasses. Of course, if you need to drive the owner, when driving is best to wear polarized Metal Sunglasses, because the car often encounter a variety of glare, polarized Metal Sunglasses can block part of the glare at the same time, you can filter out The ground or the opposite body reflected over the light, so that the vision is more clear, reduce visual fatigue, is conducive to safe driving.

Third, polarized lenses and ordinary Metal Sunglasses lens resolution

In order to prevent bad businessmen, friends in the purchase of polarized Metal Sunglasses, pay attention to identify. In fact, polarizing mirror and Metal Sunglasses distinction and the method of discrimination is relatively simple. As long as the two polarized lens vertical stack, if not light is true polarizer, because the polar lens special design only allow parallel light through the lens, so when the two lenses vertically stacked when most of the light Will be blocked.

If you want to wear out the United States and the United States, in addition to wearing the body outside, the importance of accessories can not be ignored, a good Metal Sunglasses can not only create a perfect face for you, but also embellished body LOOK, protect your eyes, but also increase your Of the fashion index, concave modeling sense of first-class. In recent years, in addition to yellow Metal Sunglasses, pink Metal Sunglasses appearance rate to high burst table.

Today's actress or fashion big coffee, it seems to abandon the previous black Metal Sunglasses, replaced by the age of tender pink Metal Sunglasses, more sweet and more sweet, both eye protection, and will not block out Exquisite eye makeup.

If your body with too simple and simple monotony, may wish to wear a pair of pink Metal Sunglasses to embellish, and instantly break the sense of boring.

In recent years, referring to Metal Sunglasses, we all of course think, without exception, it's home pink Metal Sunglasses also let people put it down.

In addition to girls, men began to embark on the road to sell Meng. And the previous "big brother" Metal Sunglasses, pink looks more dramatic street fashion sense.