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Metal Sunglasses Industry Future Trend
Sep 21, 2017

Metal Sunglasses industry future trend
1, Metal Sunglasses factory "the total increase, the unit price opened, consumption diversity," the trend is obvious, with the consumption of people with the update, Metal Sunglasses is an important livelihood of the industry, but also has the characteristics of leading fashion consumption, and consumption The contact will be more closely. Metal Sunglasses have been from the practical products to the practical and fashion products gradually change, the consumer groups will show a wide range of characteristics.
 (Jiangsu, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, Shanghai) The output value of China's Metal Sunglasses is 86.83% In the same period, the proportion of the output value of the central and western regions is increasing year by year, such as the proportion of Jiangxi Province, the output value rose from 1.4% in 2009 to 2011 (January to August) 3.82%, Guangxi The Zhuang Autonomous Region increased from 1.75% in 2010 to 2.81% in 2011 (January to August), and Henan Province rose from 1.52% in 2009 to 2.13% in 2011 (January to August). Judging from the above figures, with the increase in labor costs in the eastern main producing areas, the transfer of eastern enterprises to the central and western regions is accelerating, and the regional structure of the Metal Sunglasses producing areas will undergo new changes. 3, the polarization trend of the enterprise will become more apparent Sun Metal Sunglasses manufacturers due to raw material prices and labor costs, as well as trade barriers, especially technical trade measures are widely used, the lack of core technology, the survival of small and medium enterprises will be more difficult, Metal Sunglasses industry mergers and acquisitions. The future of Metal Sunglasses industry will show strong Hengqiang, the weak weak Matthew effect, the industry will further increase the concentration.
4, the status of the Metal Sunglasses industry will be improved frame manufacturers said that in addition to the Metal Sunglasses products with vision correction and visual health care of the basic functions, but also has the same clothing with a wide range of art, aesthetic functions and market development space, which has become a leader Fashionable consumer goods; at the same time Metal Sunglasses industry and workers, business, scientific research, raw materials, health care industry closely linked, while both service characteristics, with a number of industries formed a close industrial chain. These features improve the Metal Sunglasses industry in the national economy in the position of the sun Metal Sunglasses wholesale.
5, the domestic Metal Sunglasses leading enterprises will enter the strategic opportunity Metal Sunglasses factory With the internal and external tax rate of the unified foreign-funded enterprises of the super-national treatment has ended, which is a very good domestic enterprises, domestic enterprises will enter a golden development period , The product will gradually shift from low-end products to high-end products
 Frame welding can not be ignored, polarized Metal Sunglasses manufacturers say not only in the curvature than ordinary optical Metal Sunglasses, and Metal Sunglasses on behalf of the fashion, popular, style strange, such as Ray Ban, on the line are more popular Metal Sunglasses, such Metal Sunglasses on the frame, glass and other welding requirements are more stress. First of all, in the welding before the production of mold fixture, cross-clamp with the curvature of the frame coincide with the frame must be tested, the first piece of confirmation before the production, in production, often patrol product quality. Second, the mold fixture in a long time under the high temperature will be distorted, precision and then need to confirm the rear can be used. However, in the actual production, because the production busy and other reasons, ignoring the details of control, and ultimately affect the quality of Metal Sunglasses assembly, and even lead to batch "burst film" phenomenon. Welding quality is not only in this, but also with the surface treatment of metal Metal Sunglasses are also closely related to the welding left by the printing is mainly through the polishing process, and polishing easily lead to deformation of the frame, which affects the lens assembly effect, is " Therefore, in the welding process, the operator's skill requirements, welding wire type, welding time and so must be strictly controlled. Surface treatment problems A lot of Metal Sunglasses surface treatment methods are mainly polished and drums, manual polishing is still very common treatment. Before polishing, should be for different materials, select the appropriate polishing disc, for example, the layout of ordinary copper (Kam) alloy disk, stainless steel disk, titanium Taiwan special disk. The specifications of the polishing disc must also be determined, for example, in the processing of the pile head inside the print or pitting, you need a small size of the polishing disc. If the objective factors such as polishing discs, machines and other factors affect the quality of the product, then the role of people is immeasurable; operator skills proficiency directly affect the quality of products, most of the Metal Sunglasses frame after polishing will appear straightened straight Phenomenon, the metal frame will be hardened after plating, is bound to affect the film is difficult, the lens in the frame on the force, over time there will be "cat to be", "burst" and so on. Moreover, now people mobility, skilled workers uneven, coupled with the production of busy, so in this part is also the most prone to problems. Cut the film is also the key quality control point cutting speed is not too fast, too fast will not only accelerate the blade wear, and cut out the lens rugged, jagged, in the stress lamp irradiation, will find cracks around, After a long period of time in the external force will be lobes. This is true for lens perforation and slotting.