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Precautions For Optical Frames
May 31, 2017

 Optical Frames Now the optical frame, either the seller's gimmick, or is easy to wear based on ergonomic, as long as comfortable, do not care what optical frames or ordinary frames.


  1. Eyewear Eyewear Note: Note that holding the mirror legs along the sides of the parallel sides of the direction of picking. If you pick with one hand will damage the frame around the balance, and cause deformation.

  Recommendation: Please do not use excessive deformation of the spectacle frame, or because of the deformation of the frame led to all aspects of the glasses beyond the national standard tolerance range, will make the eyes appear as the phenomenon of deformation.

  2. Placement of optical glasses:

  If you are temporarily placing glasses, please put the convex side of the glasses up; if it is a long time to place the glasses, please use glasses wrapped into the glasses box, the mirror box on the ear gently shake, Has the mirror box pressed?

  Suggestions: Please do not use scratches, stains, cracks, etc., the lens, otherwise it will be due to light scattered to see things do not know, the long run, will make the eyes decreased vision.

  3. Prescription of optical glasses:

  Keep glasses, please contact with insect repellent, toilet supplies, cosmetics, hair gel, drugs and other corrosive items, otherwise it will cause the lens, frame deterioration, deterioration, discoloration.

  Suggestions: glasses frames or glasses attached to perspiration, fruit juice, hair spray (agent), cosmetics, etc., please immediately with a professional glasses cleaning liquid cleaning glasses.

  4. Optical glasses cleaning method:

  When the glasses stained with dust or dirty things, dry and easy to wear polished lenses, rinse with water and then use a soft paper towel to dry the water can be. If the lens is dirty, with a professional glasses cleaning liquid cleaning glasses, and then rinse with water, and then rub a soft paper towel to dry water can be.

  Recommendation: regular glasses with a professional cleaning liquid glasses, glasses will extend the service life.

  5. When the optical frames are deformed:

  Optical Frames Eyewear frames after repeated picking will be the phenomenon of deformation, this time the nose or ears will feel the burden caused by deformation of the frame. Excessive deformation of the frame, the lens will fall off. When you encounter this situation, please give glasses to the technical staff of the professional store hands, they can help you.


  Regularly to the professional store to adjust, will make you feel that wearing glasses is no longer a burden