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So How To Dazzle From The Sunglasses Market
Oct 23, 2017

So how to dazzle from the Sunglasses market
With the arrival of the summer, more and more fashionable men and women began to wear Sunglasses, which is not only a clothing decoration, but also play a protective role on the eyes. So how to dazzle from the Sunglasses market, pick out their own satisfaction with the Sunglasses? The following small series will be for everyone to focus, teach you how to choose the Sunglasses.
1. UV protection is important
Wearing Sunglasses in addition to reducing the light to stimulate the eyes comfortable, the main purpose is to prevent UV damage to the eyes, and the lens color and whether the anti-ultraviolet is two different, even if the lens color is deep, it may not be effective anti-UV, so be sure Select the lens with anti-UV function. Usually the Sunglasses have a UV index between 96% and 98%.
2. Different colors are different
Through the color of the Sunglasses to filter, the eyes see the color contrast is different. If you choose the color of the lens, it is not impossible, but when driving must be divided into clear green light.
(1) gray lenses can be very effective in reducing the intensity of light does not affect the color contrast.
(2) brown glasses can enhance some color contrast and block the blue light, so the more bright days, wearing brown good, such as snow.
(3) yellow / amber is more yellow than brown color, can greatly enhance the color contrast, almost blocking all the blue light, to be the traffic lights, do not choose this color.
(4) red and orange are more suitable for winter cloudy days.
(5) Purple Suitable for people who want to hunt on green meadows.
(6) copper color can simultaneously reconcile the sky and the color of the grass, suitable for playing golf.
(7) blue and green can enhance the yellow contrast, suitable for playing tennis.
3, according to face selection Sunglasses shape
Round face: round face sister for a square frame, not exaggerated cat's eye, bow frame is very appropriate. Taboo choose round or light, naive models. Slightly wider than the face frame of the most appropriate frame.
Oval face: this face is not pick the type of comparison. Only ouch not too flat shape just fine.
Square face: square face always gives a very tough feeling, slightly rounded square shape can be more supple, you can weaken the tough sense of the line. So the edge of the Sunglasses to be wide, so as to show the lines of ho Lang, to facial beauty.
Peach heart face: heart-shaped face of the sister actually quite cheap, in the selection of Sunglasses do not need to spend too much thought, but the most suitable for heart-shaped face is the kind of cat's eye-type Sunglasses, exaggerated style, with angular design is Refound Us Usulates Find drafts.estterse Results
Sunglasses polarized good or not polarized good?
Sunglasses lens function is divided into: polarized lenses, anti-reflective film, color lenses, color lenses, color lenses and other five.
Polarized lenses: to block glare, so clear and natural vision, generally applicable to driving, fishing, sea, skiing and other outdoor sports.
Anti-reflective film: the lens surface coated with thin magnesium fluoride to prevent light reflection, apply to the snow or a strong reflective place.
Color lenses: also become a stained lens, in the lens production process, with some chemical substances, so that the lens presents colorful colors, which is the most common type of Sunglasses lens.
Colored lenses: This lens and color lenses show the same effect, but the production of different ways, he is the color coated on the lens surface. We are familiar with the gradient of the painted lens, the top of the deepest color, and then gradually shallow. Generally have the degree of Sunglasses are mostly painted color way to deal with the lens.