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Summer Essential Sunglasses To Bring It All The Stars Face
Aug 10, 2017

Summer essential Sunglasses to bring it all the stars face
But the good box with face is an important issue, this time the editor to teach you to analyze your face, choose the most suitable for your perfect frame The
One, goose-shaped face Recommended: square mirror Sunglasses
Wear any box-shaped good-looking fragrant face type, recommended eternal unbeaten box can increase the three-dimensional sense of cheekbones outline. ,
 Oval face
Forehead and chin lines show parallel long oval, recommended: pilots mirror Sunglasses
Welcome to the ranks of classic Hollywood stars! Don Draper in the "Mad Men", recommended you with Sunglasses with pilgrims.
Two, triangular face
Full of cheekbones outline slightly widen the forehead line of visual sense, coupled with high hairline, recommended: large mirror Sunglasses
The fashionable well-known rap boy know how to use thick thick frame design, to perfect balance the contours of the contours of the center of gravity and proportion.
Three, square face
Like Josh Brolin (Josh Brolin) charming features, strong chin outline with full forehead, close to the rectangular face.
Recommended: round mirror Sunglasses
Do not lie to you! Curved frame just can ease the contours of the strong face lines.
 Four, round face
Round face is not a problem! Look at the Hollywood-style actor Heian La Beauv's proportion of fine facial features there is a perfect symmetrical face.
Round face is not only suitable for hats, but also make you bold play box - try these classic square frame Sunglasses.
When I began to study how to enter the summer before, can share some information on Sunglasses, not writing, has been indulging in the selection. This time in the recommended Sunglasses style, the first from the "brand style" began, the visual image of the brand presented another aesthetic level.
Strong sunlight contains a lot of ultraviolet and infrared, may damage the eyes of the cornea, lens, and even the fundus, wearing a pair of Sunglasses, can block or absorb part of the light, reduce the eye irritation. In recent years, because of the importance of health, many people go out in the hot summer months, like to wear Sunglasses to reduce the sun's stimulation, some people like to decorate it, Sunglasses, many types should be based on different Need to choose.
Today, Sunglasses is no longer just play the role of sun protection eye, the right choice of a popular Sunglasses must make people look particularly fashionable.
Summer days in the sky, a lot of driving friends will choose to wear Sunglasses, myopia, of course, can wear Sunglasses mirror, then how to choose myopia Sunglasses? Is the choice of polarized Sunglasses or myopic Sunglasses? Here's how to pick up Sunglasses in summer.
Common errors: the deeper the better the lens color.
Many friends think that the deeper the lens color, the effect of blocking the sun the better, this is wrong.
The color of the Sunglasses lens can delay the time the image is sent to the brain. This visual delay causes the sensation of speed to distort, making the driver of the wearing Sunglasses make the wrong judgment.
When the car travels at 80 km / h, too deep Sunglasses delay the driver's response time by 100 milliseconds, increasing the emergency braking distance of 2.2 meters.
Selection method: do not choose the lens color is too deep, that is less selection of dark black Sunglasses.
Choose polarized Sunglasses as much as possible. Polarizing Sunglasses can reduce the glare, effectively eliminate and filter out the scattered light in the beam, so that the field of vision clear and natural, but also to weaken the light, anti-fatigue, without prejudice to the line of sight, anti-ultraviolet and other functions.