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Summer How Can A Less Acetic Acid Sunglasses
Nov 03, 2017

Summer how can a less Acetic acid sunglasses
Acetic acid sunglasses should be the star out of the street must-have item, but also fashion masters essential, summer, there is no Acetic acid sunglasses how to play handsome cool. Summer outdoor UV light will be stronger, we wear Acetic acid sunglasses can also alleviate the sun's stimulation of the eyes, the choice of Acetic acid sunglasses can be modified our face, there is a kind of you handsome look, is not very looking forward to.
You imagine that your sunglasses with acetate should be like this! Handsome and mysterious! It is so handsome cool Diao days!
After all, the ideal and the reality is very different, but in fact, when you choose Acetic acid sunglasses in addition to their own preferences, but also for yourself, or your Acetic acid sunglasses not only add to your overall shape, and may also be dragged.
How to choose Acetic acid sunglasses
Our face can be divided into four categories, round face, square face, oval face and inverted triangle. People with a round face feel very cute, not to say that he is fat, but his face is more likely to grow meat, this type of face is more suitable for angular Acetic acid sunglasses, you can make the face look less mellow, but also Small face can be significant. We know our face more accurately, to the back regardless of whether you are choosing Acetic acid sunglasses or hair style, you can easily find suitable for their own. Although the round face is more suitable for Acetic acid sunglasses, but not as big as possible, its size you have to master, choose too much but will make your face look over-full. Round face of small partners do not mind their fleshy face, weight loss can actually face-lift.
Transparent gray and blue texture sheet square sunglasses, produced in Italy workshop. Gradient blue anti-scratch lenses, to provide efficient UV protection. Its color is very personal, the frame is not angular, I feel more gentle, although wearing Acetic acid sunglasses will make people have a sense of distance, this is more elegant.
Square face of the most important feature is the forehead, cheekbones, mandibular width is basically the same, clear, very modern, this face is more suitable for round or oval frame Acetic acid sunglasses, because of their own It has been Sifangzhengzan, so wood is not very recommended to wear square Acetic acid sunglasses, a little arc of Acetic acid sunglasses can improve the square face.
This Acetic acid sunglasses design simple, streamlined profile is very style, dark gradient of the overall tone, highlighting the elegant taste. Many men wear Acetic acid sunglasses will choose black, as if it would be cooler, and now if you want to look stylish, it should be something special, this is very suitable for summer, the gradient of color in the summer with cool colors The clothes should be quite stylish.
Oval face is the most pick, you can according to their own preferences, what style you want to be able to control ~
Inverted triangle face wide forehead, wide between the two eyes, this face is more suitable for square frame, but the frame is too large or not to try, certainly not good-looking. Men's Acetic acid sunglasses choose simple style will feel more taste, and may also be related to the basic temperament of men.
Wear Acetic acid sunglasses to give you a concave shape after you wear out, if you do not look good with clothes, then the Acetic acid sunglasses may not be able to play its due value, and you want to look elegant and valuable, it is necessary Come in a full package