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Sunglasses Categories
Jan 23, 2017

So-called visor mirrors, as the name suggests is used as a shade, who is usually in the Sun by adjusting the size of the pupil to regulate the luminous flux, when light intensity exceeds the adjustment ability of the human eye, can cause harm to the human eye. Places for outdoors activities, especially during the summer, many people used the visor mirror to block the Sun to reduce eye fatigue caused by regulation or the damage caused by light stimulation. Light colored sunglasses on the blocking of sunlight than the visor mirrors, but their rich colors, suitable for use with all kinds of costumes, there is a strong decorative effect. Light colored sunglasses due to their rich colors, various styles, by young people of all ages, women have added to their love of fashion. Special purpose sunglasses with strong blocking sunlight feature, commonly used for Beach, ski, climbing, golf and other strong sunlight field, its resistance to UV index have higher requirements.

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