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Sunglasses Cleaning And Collection
Sep 21, 2017

Sunglasses cleaning and collection
Clean Sunglasses with doorway
Clean the principle of Sunglasses is to keep bright and clean, not stained grease, to avoid scratching the lens. You can use a neutral soap or special cleaning agent, washed with water and then wiped the paper or soft tissue paper dry, many people have easily picked clothes, handkerchiefs and other wipes the habit of the lens, this is not the correct action , Because the rough material is easy to scratch the lens. Clean the slits between the frames and use a soft old toothbrush to gently scrub and remove the dirt.
Collection of Sunglasses to be careful
The way to place the Sunglasses should also develop a fixed habit, first with a flannel wrapped lens, and then Shoulong left frame, and then Shoulong right frame, in order to prevent the Sunglasses by the weight, Sunglasses can be placed in the rigid Sunglasses collection box.
1, the first choice should be formal, good reputation of the Sunglasses shop to the preparation of Sunglasses, Sunglasses quality and service have a certain protection.
2, before the glasses, should first optometry, can not blindly buy.
3, Sunglasses production is completed or after purchase, school staff will be based on the face of proofing. In general, if the parameters are appropriate, wear a new Sunglasses, will feel very clear.
4, if found to have quality problems, should be timely contact with the store.
Sunglasses protection
1, one-handed pick will break the frame around the balance, resulting in deformation, it is recommended that both hands hold the temple along the cheek on both sides of the parallel direction picking.
2, take the general first to fold the left leg, not easy to cause frame deformation.
3, it is recommended to rinse the Sunglasses and wipe the water with a paper towel, and then use a special Sunglasses cloth test rub, need to hold the side of the mirror side of the wipe mirror, gently wipe the lens, to avoid excessive force caused by the lens or lens damage.
4, do not wear Sunglasses, please use a Sunglasses cloth wrapped into the Sunglasses box. If the temporary placement, please Sunglasses convex face up, or easy to wear a lens. At the same time, Sunglasses should be avoided with insect repellent, toilet supplies, cosmetics, hair gel, drugs and other corrosive items contact, to avoid long-term direct sunlight and high temperature (60 ℃ above) placed, or easily lead to lens, frame deterioration, deterioration, The
5, regular to the professional store for plastic adjustment, frame deformation will cause a burden on the nose and ears, the lens is easy to loose.
6, do not use Sunglasses in the intense exercise, to avoid strong impact caused by broken lenses, causing eye and facial damage; do not use wear lenses, to prevent light scattering caused by decreased vision; do not look directly at the sun or strong glare, Hurt.
Quality identification
1, Sunglasses lens light transmission and optical uniformity test method: hand-held lens from the eyes about 30 cm, from the Sunglasses lens to observe the distance. If the vision is clear, no deformation, and slow movement without jump, indicating that the lens lens transparency and optical uniformity is better.
2, the optical center position test method: white paper with a fine line to draw a big cross, strokes to be clear and straight. Hand-held lenses, with one eye from the Sunglasses lens to observe the shape of cross-stroke. If the mirror is not a mirror outside the line, can move the lens, so that Sunglasses inside the cross-stitch lens and mirror into a line. With a soft pen in the lens observed in the center of the cross point of a small point, this point is the optical center. After the two lenses point out the optical center, observe the two sides of the optical center is symmetrical, and then use the ruler to measure the distance between the two centers is consistent with the prescription of the pupil distance. If the cross in the lens bend, then the Sunglasses lens quality problems.