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Sunglasses Conservation Of Small Knowledge
Jun 15, 2017

Sunglasses conservation of small knowledge

The so-called sunglasses, is wearing a person's head forehead on the eyes, used to beautify the face shape, correct vision, protect the eyes of a tool. Sunglasses (except the contact lens) is composed of lenses, frames.

Let us look at the following daily life, how to maintain their beloved sunglasses, so that it can accompany us for a long time.

   1, sunglasses pick off

  Please use both hands to hold the temple along the sides of the cheek parallel to the direction of picking. If you pick with one hand will damage the frame around the balance, and cause deformation.

  2, folding frame should start from the left

  Most of the frames are from the left leg to start folding design, so if you fold the right leg, it is easy to cause the deformation of the frame.

  3, rotation method

  If you are temporarily placing sunglasses, place the convex side of the sunglasses facing up. If the convex face down the sunglasses, will wear a lens.

  4, rub the way the lens

  Use a special cleaning mirror cloth, pay attention to be sure to hold the side of the mirror side of the mirror side of the mirror, gently wipe the lens. To avoid excessive force caused by the lens or lens damage.

  5, when the lens sticks gray or dirty things

  Dry and easy to polish the lens, it is recommended to rinse with water and then drain the water with a special sunglasses cloth dry. When the lens is dirty, it is recommended to use a low concentration of neutral detergent cleaning, and then rinse with water rinse.

  6, please use sunglasses box

  Do not wear sunglasses, please use sunglasses cloth wrapped into the sunglasses box. Please avoid contact with insect repellent, toilet, cosmetics, hair gel, medicine and other corrosive items, otherwise it will cause the lens, frame deterioration, deterioration, discoloration.

  7, when the sunglasses deformation

  Frame deformation will cause a burden on the nose or ears, the lens is also easy to loose. It is recommended to regular plastic store to adjust.

  8, do not use in the intense exercise

  Resin lenses are strongly impacted with broken possibilities, easily cause eye and facial damage, it is recommended not to use in the intense exercise.

  9, do not use polished lenses

  It is recommended not to use scratches have been scratched, stains, cracks, etc., otherwise it will cause the light caused by the light is not clear, causing vision loss.

  10, do not look directly at sunglasses

  Even if the lens has the color shades of poor, do not look directly at the sun or a strong light, otherwise it will hurt the eyes.

  11, please be completely used to wear sunglasses to see things before driving and operation

  Due to the prism of the lens, just buy sunglasses is difficult to grasp the sense of distance, not completely used before you do not drive and operate.