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Sunglasses Is One Of The Must-haves For Fashion Accessories For Boys And Girls
Nov 03, 2017

Sunglasses is one of the must-haves for fashion accessories for boys and girls. Summer is coming, Sunglasses are no longer accessories, but also can block the UV damage caused by the eyes. So to choose a suitable face, you can also make your face look small is very important and exquisite ~
1, oval face
First of all, we would like to congratulate people who have oval faces. Because your face is a "universal" face, any style of Sunglasses can be easily manipulated, with a slight attention to the size ratio.
2, round face
Round face with Sunglasses when there must be considered to tighten the face visual effects of style, for a slightly thicker frame, lens color colder, darker Sunglasses. The brighter colors and slender frame style will only make your face look bigger, linear or angular frames can weaken your face contour, deep lenses reduce fat, make the face look more compact . Classic pilot style try to avoid.
3, square face
Should choose a narrow upper and lower, four corners of the frame was a small rounded Sunglasses, too large and too square frame will only make the face look more square, the lens color to a steady brown is better. Instead of a round face, you need some rounded, streamlined frame to set your unruly extraordinary temperament.
4, face long face
Should choose a wide circular up and down or curved mirror, slightly thick legs to weaken the sense of slender long face. Slender face is generally more sense of the bone, the most suitable choice is a large frame of Sunglasses, so you can make up for the shortcomings of the face, so that the face looks more delicate, the color is also based on the best dark.
5, heart-shaped (inverted triangle) face
Please try to avoid using a large frame, square frame, because this will appear to be more wide and narrow face, the use of fine frames, circular frames, bright colors for the best. Suitable for the use of bright color lenses, thin metal frame or frameless Sunglasses, to reduce the weight above the face, so as not to have a wide sense of the original face more expansion.
To the summer how can there be no way to make you enhance the optics Sunglasses, concave shape Sunglasses outdoor travel, but you have the best choice, you want a cool male model or a stylish street style, Sunglasses can make you loaded Very well loaded. Xiaobian today to take a look at this Sunglasses, let you embark on the modern road.
Minimalist style will be the ultimate, with a white T-shirt with a pattern of dark blue jeans white and unobtrusive, a pair of breathable straw shoes, and finally coupled with a pair of modern Sunglasses to look good for your summer look.
Even the ordinary daily mix, a Sunglasses can make you full of fashion sense, but Sunglasses need a little personality style, you want a unique single product itself is also very important. Has been recommended with several ways, you can learn from reference to see more of their own experience.