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Sunglasses Purchase
Jan 23, 2017

Human instinct of self-protection, eyes when strong light, the pupil will become smaller, making of ultraviolet energy that enters the eye, once you wear glasses without UV protection, dilated pupils, plus the glasses did not isolate ultraviolet role, eyes wide open and let UV entering, damage to the eyes. Sunglasses can block UV rays, because of added a special coating on the lenses, poor-quality sunglasses will not block UV rays, lens transmittance decrease and make eyes bigger, UV rays instead of large injections, eye damage. In addition, the inferior lenses also make nausea, amnesia, insomnia and other symptoms of eye fatigue. Sun lens color to light grey, light brown or smoky quality, followed by green, blue, amber, and Red is only used as a Sun or snow. Car is best to use Polarized Sunglasses, because they can reduce harsh glare. If, after you wear Sun glasses, others can clearly see your eyes, then your lens is too ligh