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Sunglasses Types Feature
Jan 23, 2017

⑴ Gray: gray lens on the absorption of any GC can be balanced, so watch the scene darkens, but there will be no significant chromatic aberration, showing real natural feeling. Neutral colors. ⑵ tinted lenses: filter out a lot of Blu-ray, and can improve contrast and clarity of vision, severe air pollution or wear better under foggy conditions. Can block the smooth shiny surface reflects light, wearing glasses can still see details, is ideal for the driver. C-green lenses: absorb light at the same time, maximizing the reach the eyes of green light, so there is a cool and comfortable feel, suitable for people of eye fatigue. D blue-grey lens: grey lenses are similar, with neutral lenses, but darker, high visible light absorption rate. ⑸ Mercury lens: the lens surface using high density surface coating. Lens of more income reflects visible light, suitable for outdoor activists.