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Teach You How To Face With A Face To Pick Metal Sunglasses
Oct 12, 2017

Summer to come, and finally can be bright and bright wearing Metal Sunglasses out. But do you know what kind of Metal Sunglasses you are looking for? Then follow Xiao Bian to learn how to use Metal Sunglasses to make your face add to your charm.
This kind of face gives the first impression is personality, so the external attraction is very strong, but the long face for stay bangs, used to cover the fact that too long. At the same time dress should not wear V collar or open too low collar shape. Take the case for the most interesting, but the typical rectangular face, a curly hair to make too long face to see a lot of nature. With the metal Sunglasses naturally as much as possible to cover the face area more. But because the rectangular face is generally slim, so whether it is square or round metal Sunglasses are very appropriate.
Usually called the oval face or egg-shaped face, because there is no flaw, no need to cover up, so any collar shape is suitable for both boys and girls are dreaming of the perfect face. See Lee Min Ho Ouba could not help but find that this perfect face, no matter what style with the Metal Sunglasses can be!
Generally gives a sense of nervousness. Wide forehead, sharp chin, the distance between the two slightly wide, a little strange, but it is a very taste of the face. This type of face is not suitable for wearing V-shaped collar, will give a sense of distance, it is best to wear a font collar, looks very elegant, do not have taste. Wu Zun dad is a typical inverted triangle face, because the lower half of the face is narrow, suitable for wearing a large number of metal sunglasses, such as the yurt, this will make the face becomes softer.
Everyone around the round will appear, not that he fat, but because of this face gives a very cute feeling, like a child. To V-shaped collar to ease the most appropriate. Wearing a round neckline, the collar should be greater than the face, the face will appear smaller. Xu Zheng as a reason for the case, because he is in addition to face round, the head is also round. Like this face is suitable for wearing a little more than the metal Sunglasses, to add some edges and corners to the face. But remember, do not wear almost all the big face covered with a large lens, it will make the face look more bloated.
For men can be regarded as masculinity, but on the girls who ... this face is large and wide, giving a strong sense of angle, if you choose a round collar, but stressed the feeling of large, square Not significant big face, very rich personality, should emphasize the beauty of personality. Quartet face, wearing a loose asymmetry collar shirt, you can make the face looks more clear outline. Try to avoid wearing a thin collar, to avoid the "Quartet" feeling down the continuation. Metal Sunglasses try to choose a corner of some of the style.
This face gives a very man feeling, cheek outline gives a sense of security inexplicable. Yi Jianlian is a typical diamond-shaped face, in the choice of glasses as much as possible to choose a wider style, so that can cover the cheekbones cover, and adjust the proportion of the entire face. Such a face suitable for wearing round neck or a collar, should not wear collar design more complex clothing.
Has a pair of Saoju, both sunscreen, but also installed B, but also modified face, why not do it? Let us cool together with the summer out of it!
Round face is not suitable for wearing round metal sunglasses, round will make the face more bloated. Metal Sunglasses shape should also be as obvious as possible, try to choose the framework of coarse glasses, if the choice of frame lines slender soft Metal Sunglasses, will face the face set even greater. At the same time the lens should also be selected dark, "tight" face visual effects.
There is nothing in the face of the face, if you are a standard face, then congratulations you can wear any of your favorite Metal Sunglasses, and even other face to avoid the round metal Sunglasses, wearing a standard face Will also kill the eye. In the choice of the lens, may wish to choose a high transparency or gradient processing of the lens, will make the contours of the face more layered.