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Teach You To Keep Your Sunglasses On
Jul 19, 2017

Teach you to keep your Sunglasses on

Sunglasses manufacturer instructions here if you want to clean glasses, be sure to use special glasses cloth to wipe, according to a direction not to wipe with a paper towel, towel, handkerchief, lens has dust grain, first wash, clean the oil pollution can use some cleanser, reoccupy clear water is rinsed clean!

When placing Sunglasses, the surface of the lens should not contact other objects directly, avoiding friction, such as the placement of the mirror box when not in use

Sunglasses manufacturer suggests wearing Sunglasses to wear in the correct position: if the Sunglasses are deformed, loose, have a sense of impact on the vision health!

When the frame is folded: most of the Sunglasses are gently folded from the left side of the mirror, and then fold the right side. If you fold it hard from the right, it will cause the frame itself to be unbalanced, crooked, and uncomfortable

If Sunglasses screw loose, deformation of frame Sunglasses manufacturers think when these situations should be to buy the store for repair or replacement, never worn in otherwise will bring further damage to the eyes, and more freely to repair, irreparable consequences.

Sunglasses are associated with the health of our eyes, so what we value more in choosing is its function and practicality. In general, its functions are mainly reflected in the transmittance of transmittance, absorption of harmful rays, chemical stability, light weight, wear-resisting and safety. And from the Angle of the lens design, outside visual effect and function of the lens, the two aspects of the arc DE triomphe international famous brand Sunglasses did very well, has been the user's experience in the first place.

Visual effects are changed mainly by the following ways. Materials, different materials have different optical properties, different materials can cause different visual effects; The design of spherical and aspheric surface, in general, is more natural and comfortable compared with spherical and aspheric lenses in the same material and degree. The refractive index and high refractive index lens mainly improve the thickness, emphasize the appearance of light, optimize the visual comfort, and the different degrees are suitable for different lens refractive index. Color, now color is widely used in the manufacture of lens, color Sunglasses have other lens cannot compare with the fashion sense, deeply publicize the young person's love and pursuit.

The function of lens is mainly realized through film layer. Film layer refers to a single layer or multi-layer optical film that is coated with a certain thickness in the surface of the Sunglasses with a certain thickness of a single or multi-layer optical film to obtain some new and original excellent properties. Generally add membrane can reduce the reflection on the surface of the lens, see things clear, reduce the number of mirror reflected light, increase light transmittance, solve the problem of wear Sunglasses in bright light photography, increase the aesthetic feeling, make the wearer eye not easy fatigue, prevent ultraviolet ray, infrared rays, X rays, damage to the human eye.

There is a wide variety of lenses in the market now, and the choice of lenses is not absolute, it should vary from person to person. Because only the right one is the best.