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Tempered Glass Laminated Glass Mirror Cracks And Its Processing Methods
Jan 23, 2017

Laminated glass and tempered glass lens crack processing methods involved in glass processing technology. This invention of products, its structure including from Shang and Xia followed by for General transparent glass surface layer, and Shang film layer, and tempered glass mirror layer, and Xia film layer, and General transparent glass bottom, Shang film layer will General transparent glass surface layer and tempered glass mirror layer upper and lower stick received, Xia film layer will tempered glass mirror layer and General transparent glass bottom upper and lower stick received; this invention products of processing method, including making tempered glass mirror, processing General transparent glass surface layer and the bottom, exhibition cloth upper and lower film layer, In ordinary clear glass surface tempered glass mirror clips, ordinary clear glass film layer on the bottom and the next film on the combination of two of film and film layer between curing and splitting glass mirror.

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