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The Development Of Sunglasses
May 31, 2017

Sunglasses Sunglasses is a kind of glasses, not only can be used to play cool, but also can use its shading so that you can look directly from the surface of everything. At the same time it is a kind of glasses can stop the sun. Sunglasses also called sunglasses, it is in the light to protect the eyes of the "labor insurance" supplies. Wear this lens can block ultraviolet and infrared, while the color of the external environment does not change, only the light intensity changes, like cloudy, like a cool and comfortable feeling.

  Strong sunlight contains a lot of ultraviolet and infrared, may damage the eyes of the cornea, lens, and even the fundus, wearing a pair of sunglasses, can block or absorb part of the light, reduce the eye irritation. In recent years, because of the importance of health, many people go out in the hot summer months, like to wear sunglasses to reduce the sun's stimulation, some people like to decorate it, sunglasses, many types should be based on different Need to choose

  History development

  Sunglasses At least three countries claim that they first invented the glasses. 500 years ago, the Spanish missionary's book mentioned that they brought back from China glasses, but unfortunately there is no physical evidence. And then one said that the Eskimo 500 years ago to use a wooden goggles, in fact, is a long piece of wood, the above draw two slits, which is clearly not considered sunglasses. Credible is that modern sunglasses are invented by Europeans. 18th century Europe, the industrial revolution has begun, glass manufacturing and precision metal processing is maturing. At that time the glasses manufacturers are mainly small workshops, using handmade, and each glasses should also be marked with the name of the manufacturer. Many of these small workshops have become manufacturers of precision instruments and watches. At that time the glasses have become the new darling of high society, tuxedo, Styke (Stick) and folder nose glasses is a decent decent gentleman's standard dress.

  Industrial revolution to the greatest wealth of mankind is the car and plane, and the car and the aircraft is the popularity of goggles, because then the plane is the convertible, no goggles can not drive.

  Sunglasses At the beginning of the twentieth century, the goggles devoted to driving became a symbol of wealth and fashion. Goggles are mainly made of glass, but also useful natural crystal, but the price is extremely expensive. In the 1930s Germans and Americans invented polystyrene plastics, with transparency and glass, but stronger than glass, which was quickly used in goggles. Because polystyrene production is very low, so the price is more expensive than glass, to wear this goggles, is absolutely pull the wind. Sunglasses fashion trend is not as fashionable, classic sunglasses from the 20th century, 50 years is still a large number of fashion people sought after, especially in this year, the classic sunglasses style resurgence is particularly evident, the major brands have also joined the Re-engraved wave, the most prominent is the pilots glasses and the last century 80's black plastic frame popular.