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The Difference Between Polarized And Non - Polarized Metal Sunglasses
Oct 23, 2017

The difference between polarized and non - polarized Metal Sunglasses
Summer is coming, the baby may want to start a Metal Sunglasses. Then the Metal Sunglasses have polarized and non-polarized points, you are not being purchased at the time of shopping guide hype? Want to know the difference between polarized light and non-polarized Metal Sunglasses? Here we look at it.
First, the difference between polarized and non-polarized Metal Sunglasses
Metal Sunglasses polarization and non-polarized light is the difference between the Metal Sunglasses on the treatment of reflected light. In our living environment, there are three kinds of light, direct light, reflected light and diffuse light, in which diffuse light we usually can not perceive, but it is our eyes can see the object of the most important kind of light; Direct light because it has a fixed light source (such as the sun), as long as a little attention, it will not harm our lives. These are often reflected in life, often reflect the light suddenly, will bring a lot of inconvenience to our lives. Such as driving the driver, the front of the rearview mirror is an uncertain reflection of the light source, the roadside water or passers-by to bring the smooth plane objects can be reflected light source, these reflections are likely to cause drivers to drive even troubled even Is dangerous.
Polarized Metal Sunglasses is reflected on the glare, it will be filtered out, so you can play the role of anti-vertigo, and travel in the summer will make the vision more clear, reduce visual fatigue. And non-polarized Metal Sunglasses on the contrary, so the price of polarized light is much more expensive than non-polarized light.
Second, the main purpose of polarizer
The main purpose of the polarizer is under certain conditions, play a role in protecting the eyes from damage. But for the general requirements are not very high people, the use of ordinary Metal Sunglasses can be, because the polarized Metal Sunglasses are relatively high point in the Metal Sunglasses. Of course, if you need to drive the owner, when driving is best to wear polarized Metal Sunglasses is good, because the car often encounter a variety of glare, polarized Metal Sunglasses can block part of the glare at the same time, you can filter out The ground or the opposite body reflected over the light, so that the vision is more clear, reduce visual fatigue, is conducive to safe driving.
Third, polarized lenses and ordinary Metal Sunglasses lens resolution
In order to prevent bad businessmen, friends in the purchase of polarized Metal Sunglasses, pay attention to identify. In fact, polarizing mirror and Metal Sunglasses, the difference between the method and the method is relatively simple. As long as the two polarized lens vertical stack, if not light is true polarizer, because the polar lens special design only allow parallel light through the lens, so when the two lenses vertically stacked when most of the light Will be blocked.
First of all to make it clear that the role of the glasses you buy is what to use to accommodate the descendants and then go to determine what color to buy, because the role of different colors of Metal Sunglasses is different.
The color of the lens, which is recognized as the best lens in the Metal Sunglasses, absorbs almost 100% of the UV and infrared; and the soft tones make the visual comfort so that the eyes are not easy to get tired.
Gray: can absorb infrared light, and most of the UV, and will not change the original color of the scene. Gentle natural colors are quite popular with Metal Sunglasses lenses to choose from.
Green: the same as the gray glasses can absorb all the infrared and 99% of the UV, the light of the green, red can also be blocked, but sometimes the color of the scene after the metal lens after the green lens will be changed. But because the green to bring people cool and comfortable feeling, the eye protection is also good, so it is a lot of friends of choice.