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The Easiest Way To Identify A Acetic Acid Sunglassess
Jul 19, 2017

The easiest way to identify a Acetic acid sunglassess

Now there are a lot of flaunt the banner of Acetic acid sunglassess products, but we do not quickly identify whether the sun glasses is polarized, especially for driving people to have a pair of polarized Acetic acid sunglassess are more important. International famous glasses brand to teach you a few tricks, quickly identify the Acetic acid sunglassess!

1. The simplest method: the two pieces of the sun lens will be folded vertically and the lens will be opaque.

Principle: the special design of the acetate lens allows the parallel light to pass through the lens, and most of the light is blocked when the two lenses are stacked vertically. When people are buying, as long as such a simple operation, they can immediately know the authenticity and the good and bad of the product.

Level 2, using liquid crystal display: the glasses on the screen, the lens does not change at this moment, and then clockwise the glasses up to 45 degree Angle, see the lens color is darker, then turn back to normal again, this is the sun glasses, acetate if there is no change, no matter how the rotation is not polarized.

3, using a mobile phone to identify polarization Acetic acid sunglassess: as long as the level of glasses to the phone's screen, the lens does not change at this moment, and then clockwise the glasses up to 45 degree Angle, see the color of the lenses get deep, to turn back to normal again, this is the sun glasses acetate. If the rotation doesn't change, then this pair of glasses is not a polarizing film. It's important to note that there are special functions of Acetic acid sunglassess, and when the test is polarized, it's not obvious, such as the night driving mirror (Acetic acid sunglassess).

Actually using mobile phone screen and LCD screen is the same reason, because the polarization Acetic acid sunglassess are made according to the principle of polarization of the light, to effectively eliminate and filter out the scattering light beam, can make the light on the right track of a visual image through optical axis in the eyes, make the vision clear.

The light from the phone's screen is also in a particular direction. Will be polarized Acetic acid sunglassess lens on the relatively bright screen, the sun glasses with Angle transformation, the change of light and shade, namely as the perspective transformation, sometimes mobile phone through light, sometimes is to filter, a flickering phenomenon, and ordinary Acetic acid sunglassess will not. After reading this article, everyone knows how to choose the right pair of sunglasses.

Why do we wear these sunglasses? The answer is: Acetic acid sunglassess are stylish and protective. Nowadays people in the busy and intense gray city life, want more of their own color, more different. For fashionable "performer", Acetic acid sunglassess even show the color of profusion: deep red, orange, translucent rose red, pearl color, glittering and translucent get rid of the pale pink and so on many kinds.


1. Colorful color needs to be matched with the fashionable and practical style, but big mirror arm exaggerated modelling, still is to pursue avant-garde trendy young person's good choice.

As the most fashionable single item in summer, it is more likely to make you look like a star, except for shading.

Rachel Zoe, a Hollywood ace stylist, said: "without acetate, there's no street photography." For celebrities, Acetic acid sunglassess are the most distinctive form of styling statement, and the best reason to be confident of getting out of the street when there are countless stars without makeup!

4. Dark lenses to sedate mature, confident, romantic and deep, to those who pursue personality and sound provides a opportunity to alternative self in profusion colour.

Choose according to your face shape. There are several possible combinations of the sunglasses and the face shape:

Round face: suitable for the frame slightly thicker, the lens color is cold, darker glasses, have "tighten" the visual effect of the face. Bright yellow, red lens or frame line slim and soft Acetic acid sunglassess will accentuate your face.

Small face shape: suit to wear fine frame or rimless glasses to choose quietly elegant blue, purple, light brown color, can have unexpected effect.

Long face: should choose the oblong or curved mirror, slightly thick lens foot to reduce the slender feeling of long face. Elongated face is generally more bone sense, choose feminine a few pink or wine red lens, can increase the brightness of face.