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What Is The Difference Between Polarizer And Acetic Acid Sunglasses?
Aug 01, 2017

What is the difference between polarizer and Acetic acid sunglasses?
Wearing Acetic acid sunglasses has not only to block the sun, but began to become a fashion. Ladies have been like Acetic acid sunglasses as a necklace, earrings like to modify their own appearance of the essential goods; glasses factory men to Acetic acid sunglasses as a highlight of their own masculine charm props.
But in recent years, more and more people talk about Acetic acid sunglasses will mention polarizers, Acetic acid sunglasses and polarizers have anything to do, what is the difference between them, this is the article to explain to you the two questions. The first is the relationship between the two, Acetic acid sunglasses, including a polarizer, polarizer is a kind of Acetic acid sunglasses. It should be said that the polarizer is with the people more and more requirements and needs to be designed out of a special Acetic acid sunglasses. Glasses factory again to talk about the difference, we generally mouth Acetic acid sunglasses, as long as there is no special note, are some only have to block the light, over the UV control of these two basic functions of Acetic acid sunglasses. This kind of Acetic acid sunglasses function is relatively simple, the technical content is lower, of course, the cost is even lower, and now many businesses to ordinary Acetic acid sunglasses as polarized Acetic acid sunglasses to sell, harm a lot of consumers. Polarized Acetic acid sunglasses and ordinary sunglasses, sunglasses, the biggest difference is that this Acetic acid sunglasses on the treatment of reflected light. In our living environment, there are three kinds of light, direct light, reflected light and diffuse light, in which diffuse light we usually can not perceive, but it is our eyes can see the object of the most important kind of light; Direct light because it has a fixed light source (such as the sun), as long as a little attention, it will not harm our lives.

  Acetate sunglasses wholesale only reflected light, because the smooth flat surface can be a reflex, these common reflexes in life often reflect the light suddenly, will bring a lot of inconvenience to our lives. Such as driving the driver, the front of the rearview mirror is an uncertain reflection of the light source, the roadside water or passers-by to bring the smooth plane objects can be reflected light source, these reflections are likely to cause drivers to drive even troubled even Is dangerous. Polarized Acetic acid sunglasses is reflected on the glare, to filter out, so you can play the role of anti-vertigo, and travel in the summer will make the vision more clear, reduce visual fatigue. Of course, this price of Acetic acid sunglasses will be much more expensive. If you just go out, ordinary Acetic acid sunglasses will be able to meet your needs. But whether it is driving or mountain climbing, skiing and other outdoor activities, choose a polarized Acetic acid sunglasses will make you more relaxed and comfortable.
If there is only a polarized Acetic acid sunglasses, it will be convex on the side of the sun or the computer screen or light reflection, clockwise rotation, if it is polarized Acetic acid sunglasses, polarized Acetic acid sunglasses manufacturers can see the brightness of the image from the dark Become bright, or gradually from bright to dark, ordinary Acetic acid sunglasses is not such a result.
If there are two polarized sunglasses, you can put them in front of the sun or the computer screen or the light reflection to see, and then through the two glasses to see the image. And then a pair of lenses clockwise rotation of 90 degrees, in the rotation process, you can see the image significantly darkened. If this effect occurs, both pairs of glasses are polarized Acetic acid sunglasses. Polarized Acetic acid sunglasses manufacturers produce polarized Acetic acid sunglasses, wear polarized Acetic acid sunglasses will bring benefits, filter the glare of light, but in some special circumstances is not suitable for wearing polarized sunglasses, such as the night need to wear polarized night vision lenses, Night vision lenses can eliminate the light of the opposite headlights.