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What Is The Gap Between High-priced Sunglasses And Cheap Sunglasses?
Oct 12, 2017

Do not consider the counterfeit counterfeit counterfeit goods to replace the part of the sales, Sunglasses prices and the following factors:
1, the brand: the most expensive operating costs is to promote a brand is widely recognized need a lot of money into the ad, and slowly accumulated to achieve, this part of the investment will be converted into part of the price. For example: Tyrannosaurus Sunglasses. Foreign clothing brand Sunglasses, is the form of licensing fees paid to the brand side, will also be converted into part of the price.
2, design: independent designer brand products, designers effort and creativity is not just beautify the decorative Sunglasses, but also improve the wear comfort and convenience. Foreign outstanding Sunglasses brand investment in this area are very large, such as: OAKLEY, which will also occupy a larger share of the price.
3, material: material differences determine the Sunglasses texture, comfort and durability, in the cut corners of the industry outside the industry to see it is not easy to see.
4, the process: the process not only determines the appearance of the Sunglasses on the degree of sophistication, the frame of the processing level determines the accuracy of the glasses. Poor quality of the frame, no matter how good the lens can not guarantee the accuracy of the parameters of Sunglasses, and the actual parameters of the lens may be under the stress generated by the frame gradually change.
5, sales: sales longer, the higher the price. The usual pattern is: factory - brand - by the sale (wholesalers) - retail stores, the current compression out of the brand business more and more (by the factory or dealer to do inventory, printed on their own brand) , While the brand + retailers actually not much. Because the brand needs to product design and production aspects of the depth of understanding, but also need to bear the risk of inventory.
6, optometry and glasses processing technology: no matter how good the frames and lenses, there is no accurate optometry parameters and precision machining technology, made out of Sunglasses is still unqualified. So far, the accuracy of optometry in addition to the necessary equipment, the excellent optometrist is essential, not computer competent. Excellent master naturally to match the corresponding income, if it is a sales commission as the main income, then no matter how good the technology will not spend too much time optometry. Glasses processing the same reason. In a completely open market, in addition to a small number of black shop, hundreds of dollars of frames and dozens of frames are not comparable. Just from the health point of view, you can ignore the big brand of ink frames, especially the proliferation of advertising brands.
But the choice of brand lenses is still very necessary, only the naked eye to determine the quality of the lens is not realistic, the price difference is not large. To remind you: 1, no one retail business has the ability to develop independent brand lenses. Therefore, the professional lens factory brand more reliable. 2, the wholesale stalls and retail stores cost structure is no real difference. 3, Sunglasses are non-standardized products, enough experience is necessary to accumulate.
Now the big chain stores have their own independent processing center, and in this Sunglasses shop with Sunglasses generally do not have to worry about the processing accuracy. If you go to the shop with Sunglasses, do not believe the owner of the landlord blowing their own what fully imported equipment. Even if the real use of imported Essilor grinding machine, is also the kind of artificial frame frame template semi-automatic equipment, the vast majority of relatively small Sunglasses shop are not willing to spend tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands to buy one Set of automatic machining center. Automatic machining center can directly scan the shape of the frame, and then the processing staff directly into the equipment to complete the grinding film, no longer artificial to the lens to do positioning, which can greatly improve the accuracy of the lens processing, which for astigmatism The customer is definitely a great gospel because the axis is more accurate.