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What Kind Of Metal Sunglasses Frame Material Is Good?
Jun 15, 2017

What kind of Metal Sunglasses frame material is good?

For those who need to wear Metal Sunglasses, with a suitable Metal Sunglasses frame is very important, because Metal Sunglasses will generally be used for a long time, if the match is not good, will bring dizzy, or Metal Sunglasses uncomfortable. Here to tell you about the various materials and characteristics of the eye frame.

First of all, to introduce the metal Metal Sunglasses frame, before the old metal frame with stainless steel or other alloys, and now most have been eliminated, even if there are very few. Modern metal frame is more popular titanium frame, or titanium alloy, in addition to relatively light, but also very resistant to corrosion, not easy to deformation.

And then wear a hat frame, and this small minority of high-end products, generally rarely sold, because the hat is good for the human body, so particularly expensive, but the hat is to protect animals, so now basically no sale.

And then the plastic box, which is used for frameless Metal Sunglasses, but corrosion resistance is not strong, and easy to break.

And then is now more popular plate frame, the plate is a new type of plastic, light and high hardness, not easy to deformation, but the surface vulnerable to sweat corrosion.

TR90 sheet is an upgraded plate, using a polymer material, harmless to the human body, wear and toughness is higher than the ordinary plate to be lighter.

Finally, there are steel, this material does not contain a little metal, but also a high-strength molecular materials, even lighter than the TR90, corrosion and strength and other aspects of a higher level.

Metal Sunglasses culture fully reflects the cultural characteristics of a country, national ideology, morality, values, beliefs, customs and habits, with the development of the historical era of culture and development. It is a combination of material and art, through a tangible way to reflect it. It reflects the progress of social civilization on the one hand, but also reflects the identity of the wearer, social status, ideas, hobbies and so on.

Lens culture

The cultural connotation of the lens is mainly embodied in the excellent degree of the material, the size of the lens, the curve, the combination and the color, the gloss and so on the fine degree. In ancient times, emperors, official, rich and civilian people with different use of Metal Sunglasses, reflecting the different cultural colors and connotations. In the modern, industrial, agricultural, business, learning, military and other social strata, men, women with a mirror, different styles, are embodied in people's ideological and cultural connotations.

Frame culture

Frame culture is also reflected in the level of material quality, frame shape, color, decorative level of exquisite, and graphic meaning and so on. Ancient frame often engraved, Lu, Shou, Cai and other patterns, embodies the "blessing in front", "longevity double", "official transport prosperous", "four seasons fortune" and other value connotation. At the same time, the beam is often carved with the name of the shop, font size, name, gold and so on. According to the social status and identity of the different emperors, dignitaries used frames with gold, silver, tortoiseshell, ivory and other precious materials, and ordinary people use Metal Sunglasses with copper, iron, steel, wood and other materials. Metal Sunglasses beam frame pattern, from the initial arch-shaped, door-shaped, gates-shaped, curved, and gradually transition to a shape, bamboo-shaped, up and down beam-shaped; beam card, side card, Cat head shape, tiger head shape transition to the eagle shape, two-point, plum blossom and other shapes.