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Why Do Metal Sunglasses Appear Lobes
Jul 10, 2017

Why do Metal Sunglasses appear lobes

Staff said in the past 2006 years, a lot of glasses factory including large and medium-sized factories, all occurred in different degrees of Metal Sunglasses "sliver" phenomenon, immeasurable loss caused to the factory, the loss amount junior tens of thousands, more up to hundreds of thousands of yuan, a lens factory complain is lens quality issue, and the lens factory think there is something wrong with the factory itself into a mirror, who is really the problem, it doesn't really matter, it is important to find out why, to this end, the author combined with years of experience in the glasses industry, to think more critical of the process were analyzed, and hope to find out the crux of the problem. The bending of the frame is the key Metal Sunglasses usually have 600 bend, 800 bend, 1000 bend, export Metal Sunglasses with 800 bend, 1000 bends, the greater the curve, the more difficult the frame production. Metal frame forming usually have a wire two kinds of manual and automatic molding, Metal Sunglasses frame forming is mainly manual first wire bending way again, it's have strict requirements to the precision of bending die, bending die and provided by the mold factory, glasses factory must to bending mould precision of trial and error, verify whether they meet the product manufacturing process, glasses manufacturer quality standard requirements, the vital link, slightly careless, not only affect the product quality, but also can lead to "critical" phenomenon. In addition to the high precision of the mold, the injection molding frame is closely related to the injection temperature, pressure and time. This is also the case with panel frames. Usually, the frame of the frame will change in part.

Picture frame welding should not be ignored, polarized light Metal Sunglasses manufacturers said not only in terms of camber is bigger than ordinary optical glasses, Metal Sunglasses represents the fashion, pop, hundred thousand strange strange style, such as ray-ban, up and down the line, are relatively popular in the Metal Sunglasses, such as Metal Sunglasses for picture frame, glass and other welding requirements is exquisite. First of all, to make die before welding fixture, camber to the clamp and transverse frames of camber, must pass a test, the first confirmed rear can production, in production, regularly checking the quality of the product. Secondly, the clamping device can distort deformation at high temperature, and the precision needs to be reconfirmed to be used. However, in the actual production, because of the production busy and other reasons, neglected the details control, ultimately affected the Metal Sunglasses assembly quality, even led to the mass "explosive" phenomenon. Welding quality is not only this, is closely related to the surface treatment of metal glass and at the same time, the welding marks left by the mainly through polishing processing, polishing and likely to lead to picture frame deformation, Metal Sunglasses thus affecting the lens assembly effect, is to "critical", so in the process of welding, the skill requirements for the operators, the type of welding wire, welding time and so on must be strictly controlled. The surface treatment method of surface treatment is mainly polishing and barrel rolling, and manual polishing is still commonly used. Before polishing, it should be suitable for different materials. For example, there are ordinary copper (brocade) alloy plate, stainless steel plate, titanium plate, etc.

The specification of the disc should also be determined, for example, the small size of the disc should be sold when the inside mark or the pitting point of the pile is handled. If the objective factors, such as disc throwing and machine, have an impact on the quality of the product, then the role of the person is inestimable. Operating personnel skills proficiency directly affect the quality of products, Metal Sunglasses most of the glass frame after polishing will appear the phenomenon of camber are straight, metal frame again after plating can harden, is bound to affect with difficulty, the lens on the frame stress is large, the passage of time will appear "cat", "critical" wait for a phenomenon. Moreover, there is a lot of liquidity, uneven skilled workers, and a busy production schedule, which is where the problem is most likely to occur. The quality of the slices is also the key control points Cutting speed not too fast, too fast will not only accelerate the blade wear, and cut out the lenses of uneven, with jagged, under light stress, will find that around a crack, under the outside force after long time under the action of lobes. The same is true for eyeglasses and grooves. The final quality is directly affected by the quality of the assembly. If the above processes can be controlled effectively, then the quality of the lens will be assembled. For a single frame, it's easy to install, but there are a lot of tricks for the curved, complicated frames. , for example, for frameless, up and down the line, such as Metal Sunglasses, completely on a few screw the lens fixed on the frame, the loading, must get rid of a lens aperture burr hole in the mirror before and after put gasket, and then has put her hole in the bolt of holster, with loose screw take twist to the lens is not so far, but the manual operation cannot control whether appropriate, hard to prevent adverse consequences because of this, suggest that manufacturers had better use the electric rotary screw machine instead of manual operation. Otherwise, for common yakeli, PC lens, will appear "cat beard" phenomenon. Of course, even if each of these links are in place, there is no guarantee that no "stroke" and "explosive" will occur. The quality of the lens is the determining factor.